Talent development

Talent Development programms start from our job Philosophy.emocion

We analyze POTENTIAL, DEVELOPMENT Y EMOTION through tools designed in an exclusive way.

We adapt each of these three components to the collective based upon the responsability level (Executive, High potential, …) or based upon the funcionality (Marketing área, Finantial Area,…)

Management Audit Programa de Desarrollo Directivo Training

Lecturas recomendadas.

HerramientasDepending on strategic needs of the organization we design self-knowledge as well as personal and professional development measure tools which help optimize leader personal skills as success distinguishing factor.

On the other hand, we count on tests, providers and resources library which give us the necessary tools to get good results.

All of our Evaluation programs go with a Feedback session which assures optimization and results quality.



– BEI Interview (Behavioral Event Interview)

– Situational Tests (Role Play, Business Cases, team tests, recordings, etc.)

– Motivational, expectation and self-appraisal tests

– Response test (Hogan, MBTI, FIRO- B, OPQ, DISC, PapiKostick,…)

– Feedback 360

– Knowledge tests (CAPMAN, for English)