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Leaders are key parts for organizations development. When focusing on an intern level as well as someone who comes from out of the company, Leaders and Intermediate managers must have some strength and motivation to boost their teams and reach the settled objectives.

Measuring responsibility during their careers, if they had been efficient in their former positions, their habits and sustainability in their development evolution, (this could be in a personal sphere as well as a team one) indicates us if the individual has or hasn’t enough base to make the area, department or business bigger.

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Another aspect to keep in mind is the potential that could add to the organization, we have to detect which personal skills he or she has, his or her leader capacity and how the candidate transmits it to the environment.

Our consulters experience in evaluation and leader development, in many of the most important business of the national and international market, allows us to guarantee an effectiveness and professionalism from the highest level when looking for the most suitable candidates.