Specialized selection

In more and more places organizations look for very specialized profiles, professionals who have experience or specific technic knowledge, which helps to boost their department, area or company development from their position.

We have the necessary tools to find this kind of candidates. We study the position deeply to understand the profile correctly. We identify in which business are or have been developing that job, the reference schools and professional groups where that area specialists are.

Selección Especializada

In ELIGE more than the technic knowledge, we value how it is developed; if the candidate does the job with responsibility, if it is efficient, if it is an equilibrated person… We keep in mind their personal skills when developing in the position and his capacity of sharing moments with the rest of people, how the candidate behaves with colleagues, team leaders and rest of the team. And, much more important, knowing how the candidate is in the contract signing moment, if that person is really moved by the position he or she is hired for, if it’s a good personal moment for the candidate or even his or her physical condition, if he or she agrees with the client requires for the position.

For achieving this we support in different test types: personality, expectations and knowledge styles ones… which provides us interesting information which adds all the things that are picked up in the interview.