Candidates evaluation

When a selection process is made, is key to identify if candidates really match with the parameters the business needs.

We have the right tools and consulters to evaluate through competency testing, if the people the client believes are suitable for the position have the perfect attitude and aptitude for the job.

Evaluación Candidatos

Our mission is to transmit to the business an adjusted profile of the pre-selected candidate in which the candidate’s specific characteristics as well as his or her business culture are provided.

Taking the organization strategic needs for the position we count on a proofs and resources library which gives us the necessary tools to evaluate in an objective way the candidates during the selection process.

Our advantage is to apply our leader development knowledges to evaluation. That’s how we evaluate expertise through development, potential and emotional intelligence.


– BEI Interview (Behavioural Event Interview)

– Situational Tests (Role Play, Business Cases, team tests, recordings, etcetera)

– Motivational, expectation and self-appraisal tests

– Response test (Hogan, MBTI, FIRO- B, OPQ, DISC, Papi Kostick…)

– Feedback 360

– Knowledge tests (CAPMAN, for English)